Parties/Craft Night

Host your next party or night out at Zazzy Peacock Studios' beautiful space at Artist & Makers 2 in Rockville!

Jill is always having new ideas and is happy to accommodate a special theme. By request, we have done a Paris-themed clay macaron project and a Rainbow Unicorn felted jewelry party.  There is something for everyone!  Here are just a few options for a fun and fabulous party or craft night! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see new projects as they are completed. Call or email to book your party or special event!  You can reach Jill at 301-633-4714 or  Please scroll down to see lots of photos of projects and parties.



Photo credit: Guiomar Ochoa

Thank you to Guiomar Ochoa for her review of Zazzy Peacock Studios!
"Meet Jill Newman and you’ll understand why she chose the name Zazzy Peacock for her new studio located in the Artists & Makers 2 space in Rockville. She’s a colorful, creative soul who is full of energy and loves working with equally minded youngsters. You must be eight and up to host a party at ZPS and Jill will work with you on the materials you’d like to work with as well as what you’ll be creating. Tweens are encouraged to create a custom project! You bring food and cake but can leave decorations behind as Jill has zazzed ZPS in such fun, bright colors, you won’t need to lift a finger. She even handmade a festive birthday banner!"





New for Craft Nights -- "Stab and Gab" 

After many requests to do needle-felting for a Craft Night Out, I have come up with simple yet adorable projects that can be done in a two-hour timeframe.  I will supply a pre-felted wool egg shape, assorted colors of wool and needle felting supplies, sample felted "party animals," and instruction for an evening of creativity, fun, and friendship.  Here are a few samples I have made so far.  Many more to come soon -- including a cat, a dog, and an owl.  Costs are $35 per person for groups of 4 to 12.  You are welcome to bring your own refreshments.  A waiver is required if you choose to bring alcohol.  Call or email Jill at 301-633-4714 or to reserve a fun "Stab and Gab" evening, available weekday and weekend evenings from 7-9pm. Party projects below are also available for Craft Nights. 


Birthday Parties and Showers

Make a very special crafty party at Zazzy Peacock Studios. Base price starts at $200 to reserve the studio for three hours -- a two-hour party plus a half hour before for set-up and a half-hour after for you to pack up while I clean up.  

Additional costs depend on the chosen project -- materials costs of $10 to $20 per person, minimum 8 and maximum 16 guests.  Most projects are $10, unless otherwise indicated.  The space can accommodate up to 16 participating guests, plus a few helpers/observers.

Jill will provide a festive space and signage for the occasion. Colorful aprons are available to wear for messy projects.  You provide cake, food, refreshments, plates, napkins, utensils, and any other party decorations that you would like.  (For an evening adults only private party, you may choose to bring wine or beer.)  We think that the craft takeaway is better than any goody bag, but you can provide very special party favors too. If you would like us to do it all, please call for a quote.  Scroll down to see photos of sample projects and festive party set-up.


Kids' Birthday Parties (ages 8 and up)

  • decorate paper mache boxes with paints and decoupage 
  • make clothespin flower fairies and butterflies 
  • make clay figures (fun fake food or adorable animals!)
  • wet felting soaps ($15pp)
  • decorating satin headbands
  • make pine cone owls, hedgehogs or flowers
  • needle felting "party animals" (see above) ($15pp, 11yo and up)

(scroll down to see more pics)




Adult Parties 

  • wet felting soaps ($15pp)
  • wet felting funky jewelry 
  • needle felting "party animals" (see above) ($15pp)
  • decorating bamboo napkins rings with paints and decoupage ($20pp for set of 4)
  • scrapbooking -- each guest makes a page for the guest of honor and one to keep
  • Make pine cone owls, hedgehogs or flowers

If you are organizing a craft night rather than a party, pricing, timing are other details are different:

  • Rather than the $200 fee payable by the host, craft night participants pay $20 per person plus the materials fee for the chosen project.
  • Minimum number is 4, and maximum is 12.
  • Craft nights are from 7-9pm only, and do not include additional set-up and clean up time or party decorations.
  • Participants are 15 years old and up.

Baby Showers

  • decorating wooden letters of baby's name or custom word(s) with paints and decoupage ($15-$20 per letter, depending on size, allow time for custom order)
  • decorating wooden train cars of baby's name or custom word(s) with paints and decoupage ($20 per train car, allow time for custom order)
  • painting precious onesies (Just wait until you see the adorable samples!)
  • needle felting figures for a custom musical crib mobile ($15 pps)





Happy Birthday Party Set UpClay Macarons, Cupcakes and BurgerClay Sculpture Birthday Craft Project

Birthday Party Craft ProjectsWet Felting SoapsClothespin Fairies and Butterflies