After School

After School Crafts!  Registration Open Now for Winter and Spring

Needle Felting •  Mixed Media • Collage  • Nature Crafts • Paper Crafts • Modeling Clay

Zazzy Peacock Studios offers after school classes in a variety of arts and crafts, including needle felting and mixed media. At Zazzy Peacock Studios, you will find an amazing array of art and craft supplies, many inspiring sample projects, and supportive instruction.  This is a place where creativity thrives, and kids will have lots of fun as their young minds expand.  Come join the fun and celebrate your creativity!   Registration for after school classes is open online. (Click links to classes below.) 

Although the classroom is spacious, Jill is limiting these after school classes to eight students to allow for lots of elbow room aand individual attention. The classroom at Zazzy Peacock Studios is vibrant and inviting, a perfect place to spark creativity and foster growth. Come see for yourself!  

Worried about missing a class? Zazzy Peacock Studios allows you to choose which weeks you come.

Crafty Tuesday -- Mixed Media Crafts

Tuesday, 4-5:30pm, 6-week sessions, $195 including materials and supplies, ages 8 and up

Winter Session: Choose any 6 Tuesdays in January and February

Spring Session: Choose 6 Tuesdays from March through May (Closed March 26 and April 30)

This class offers a wide variety of art media and projects. Each week, class will focus on one of the following:

• Paper Crafts– Create scrapbook pages, handmade cards and origami using an exciting assortment of supplies.

• Crafting with Nature– Use feathers, silk flowers, tulle, ribbons, pine cones, bamboo, wooden pegs, clothespins and other art supplies to make wonderful creations such as fairies, owls, butterflies, and other figurines.

• Collage– Create mixed media collage with photographs, magazine cut-outs, paper punches, and other embellishments.

• Modeling Clay– Enjoy creating figures and three dimensional art with versatile self-drying clay as well as colorful polymer clay. 

   Wooly Wednesday and Felting Frenzy Friday

Wednesdays, 4- 5:30pm, 6-week sessions, $195 including materials and supplies (additional fee to purchase felting kit to keep), ages 11-16, flexible schedule

Winter Session: Choose any 6 Wednesdays in January and February

Spring Session: Choose 6 Wednesdays in March through May (closed March 27 and May 1)

Fridays, 4- 6pm, 6-week sessions, $225 (note longer sessions) including materials and supplies (additional fee to purchase felting kit to keep), ages 11 and up, adults welcome, flexible schedule

Winter Session: Choose any 6 Fridays in January and February

Spring Session: Choose 6 Fridays in March through May (closed March 29 and May 13)

Students will learn the unlimited potential of crafting with wool and a special barbed needle to create soft colorful sculptures such as a toadstool, a cupcake, an  adorable animal, or anything you can imagine. This craft is so much fun, so addictive, and sure to spark the imagination. This is Jill Newman's specialty, and students will learn tips that will jump start their skills and inspire creativity.